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StrikR Card Football

All art & design, logo, player name concepts, stadium tin design and layout work created by Stew Wright

StrikR card football is for children aged 6 and above though adults who may even remember the world cup win in 1966 will love to play too.

The StrikR contains 56 cards 52 out field players and 4 goalkeeper cards. Each card carries a recognisable football action, a popular football nick name and a value and suit

(hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades).


The Players

Meet Tommy Tekkers, Harry Hat Trick and Safe Hans, plus all the other members of the squad.

StrikR football cards can be used to play a training match, a league match, cup match, European match and even a Derby match.

Designed to be simple, educational, addictive and fun. Children will soon be setting up leagues and cup competitions to play themselves, with their families or with their friends.


The StrikR Stadium

The cards come in a beautifully designed ‘Stadium’ tin with 360 degree views of the football supporters looking onto the floodlit football pitch from all four stands.

The tin also features a clear roof to look down onto the pitch designed pack of cards that sits neatly into a crowd and advertising board insert.


For more information click here to visit the official StrikR website and buy today!