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“When Bubbles enters into the horse race, it’s not just pride he’s racing for. Meanwhile, a sinister plot is put in place to ruin his big day...”


The Story of Bubbles Brightlock is the second book in the Westfield Farm Tales series. The Story of Plume and Moots is the first book in the Westfield Farm Tales series. The series is set on Westfield Farm and follows the adventures of the animals living there. The narrative is written in poetry and aimed at Early Readers and Primary Level children whilst being enjoyed by people of all ages.


This story explores further into the magical world of Westfield Farm, and includes exciting new characters, as well as the return of favourite characters from the first book.

The Story of Bubbles Brightlock

  • Written and Illustrated by: SP Wright

    Self Published with: Honeybee Books

    Publication date: June 2016

    Format: Hardback

    Cover Price: £14.99

    ISBN: 978-1-910616-56-7

    Format: Paperback

    Cover Price: £9.99

    ISBN: 978-1-910616-55-0

    Extent: 40 pages

    Includes: Colour illustrations and text

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